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Jennifer Hill is a musician, singer, activist, mentor, teacher, and mother. 


Her musical point of view is informed by, and supports, her activism for women in the arts and domestic violence survivors. 


She is the founder and organizer of SWAN [Support Women Artists Now] Day CT, an annual music and arts event now in its 15th year. More than 200 musical acts have performed and more than 300 artists have exhibited at SWAN Day CT, and on its tenth anniversary, the event was declared one of the seven super SWAN events by Martha Richards, founder of the international SWAN Day observance that takes place in 30 countries each year.Throughout the years Jennifer Has raised over 37,000 to help promote women in the arts through her Swan Day CT mission. 



She has performed as a recording artist and singer songwriter throughout Connecticut and the northeast and has received multiple regional awards and nominations. In 2009 winning title of best female vocalist in the area. 



As a vocal coach, piano teacher and career mentor, Jennifer has taught vocal and performance skills to more than 500 children and adults, including children performing on Broadway; acted as musical mentor to local performers in all aspects of performing career; and traveled with major-label bands to provide vocal coaching.  


Her expertise is working with young women and girls and giving them the confidence to be themselves. Her studio boasts many aspiring songwriters and Jennifer guides them to be able to express themselves through song. Her students have recorded over 40 original songs.  


Jennifer’s personal work-in-progress is her new album "LOVE BOMB" which tackles complex issues of surviving abuse (but with a lighthearted feel) and is being produced by Vic Steffens of Horizon Studios.

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