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My very own dreams come true!

I’ve always wanted to create my own line of scents and now I’ve done it!!


I have Ptsd and many times it is aromatherapy that helps me get through certain triggers etc. Due to this I carry many scents in my purse/car etc. just in case I need an emergency swipe.


Due to this love of scent mixing I get asked ALL the time what I am wearing and I decided to bottle it for you. I love wearing perfume oils and mixing a bit of this and that so that it is unique to me. 


I love deep scents like Amber and musk and leather. Vintage ones like Rose and Oud. Calming scents like lavendar. Scents anyone can wear and aren’t specific to gender.


These two scents are my summer and fall go to and therefore the first two to be



Murderous Chanteuse, in the purple bottle, is my signature scent. It has a mix of smells that I wear daily and encapsulates my love of things dark and beautiful. It has notes of Musk, Amber, and Opium. 


Collapse is named for my song of the same title, which I wrote while on tour with another band as vocal coach. I was missing my husband and wanted to collapse into his arms so badly. Since Bobby is from California this scent captures the feeling of warm beach days and sultry nights. It’s my favorite for when I’m feeling cozy and enjoying the last warm days of summer. It has notes of Black Coconut, Amber, and Myrrh. 


Animalistic is inspired by my love of all things occult. It features notes of Frankincense, rose, and patchouli. A bit earthy, a bit sweet, and a hint of incense. A decadent smell to keep you warm on the darkest of days.

Truly luxurious smells made with only the finest perfume oils and apricot kernel oil  as our base. 


You can purchase them here: 



Murderous Chanteuse




Murderous Chanteuse and Collapse Set

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